Friday, June 13, 2014

Jene Rebbin Shaw Happy Origin Day | Sugar and Heist Pilot

Friday the 13th. Yeah it is. Full Moon. Wow that's beautiful. Werewolves, out for blood. And the brightest star is Jene Rebbin Shaw. Happy Birthday!! To celebrate your origin day we’ve uploaded the lost pilot for Sugar and Heist. Not quite sure if this is the Director’s Cut or the Alternate Version; we do know you are brilliant. A natural comedienne with screen presence to burn. And to let the rest of the world in on a little secret, Jene will be collaborating with us again on something her and Judy Shaw {a.k.a. Sugar, a.k.a. Raspberry Blonde} are writing. And for those of you who have been cast {officially, unofficially} in the upcoming Michael Clayton Redux, it is happening and this is what you can look forward to. Can hardly wait. Tony Gilroy owes me a favor; it’s going to be a whirlwind. Watch an outtake frome The Devil's Cartel here