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Why We Must Say #BlackLivesMatter

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This Christmas Stop. And Imagine #BlackLivesMatter

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After reading this I'm really thinking that it's not so much overthinking, rather a quest for happiness and perfection in a chaotic and flawed actuality that we call life. But if that's true, then should I just happily embrace the chaos and forego perfection since it is not a requisite for happiness? OMG, punctuation, not my strong suit. Did I use a comma where I should have used a semicolon? And don't people use dashes in their post? A little Dale Carnegie people. WTF?! I'm totally off topic and I should've started a new paragraph.

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Was the Suffragette Movement just full of white women's tears

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I Will Never Fly Spirit Airlines Again!

If You've ever had an experience with #SpiritAirlines, then you need to watch this #rant!

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A Visual History of Inequality in Industrial America

For the last 12 years, LaToya Ruby Frazier has photographed friends, neighbors and family in Braddock, Pennsylvania. But though the steel town has lately been hailed as a posterchild of "rustbelt revitalization," Frazier's pictures tell a different story, of the real impact of inequality and environmental toxicity. In this short, powerful talk, the TED Fellow shares a deeply personal glimpse of an often-unseen world.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Story of Rachel Dolezal All American

This uproar over Rachel Dolezal can't really be about the appropriation of Black culture can it? No I don't think so. Rachel Dolezal, All American is an edifying tale of Black like me. And has exposed those long held fears of a Black planet.

The furor is over a white woman identifying so strongly with the Black experience that she has come to think of herself as Black. In this era of gay and transgender awareness I am genuinely offended that media outlets are a buzz about her supposed ethnic subterfuge. The narrative here carries a racist undercurrent; the belief that in America it's acceptable to assimilate if you're ambition is to be white i.e., *whiteish. Historically Asians, Indians, Hispanics and a myriad of other ethnicities have a long and continuing history of assimilation into whiteness american style. Their assimilation has been looked upon favorably as these groups have adopted whiteness in manner and norms, but what has given their acculturation full acceptance is their embracing of racist white ideologies when it comes to encountering Blackness.

And in Rachel Dolezal the world is encountering Blackness. Blackness in favor over whiteness. 

American has a litany of historical figures who have downplayed and denied their Blackness yet white privilege has once again bamboozled social media with the hashtag #AskRachel *post being updated. 7/13/15 And yes I am still writing this post, issues and complications are always at the heart of a good post. Maybe just not this one.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What Could Malcolm X Teach Us in Business? Everything. And More.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Coretta Scott King, Forever Queen of the Movement

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Finding Unmitigated Failure{s} on Craigslist. A Full Metal Rant

So you think you'd be able to find a Microsoft Access Developer on Craigslist. And to be fair I did find several. And to be honest, none worth a damn. In response to my post seeking a developer, I was inundated with resumes, LinkedIn references, and boast of years of experience; but when it came down to the *Show and Prove, Houston, I had a problem. I found that all the submitting candidates were lames. Lames, who wanted to negotiate salary requirements and be awarded a contract based on the make believe strength of their resumes.

So why are you out-of-work developers such prima donnas? You are completely in a zero sum position to be so high and mighty. If you were in such demand you would have never seen my post on Craigslist, right? Exfuckingactly.

I can tell you right off the bat that my opinion of developers seeking work on Craigslist in Raleigh/Durham, Philadelphia, and NJ is unflattering thus far. Future post on Craigslist for a Developer will most likely read something like this:

We will not exhaust our time, nor considerable resources, negotiating salary requirements or job parameters without assessment of your skill set first. Period. We are going to send you an Access Database to update and trouble shoot for evaluation purposes. We will not discuss what we've sent you via e-mail, Skype, Google Hangouts, phone conversations, or any other method of communication until after you have completed the database update. Thank you.

 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Access Developer Wanted ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Small Electrical Supply startup looking for a Microsoft Access Developer to work jointly in the designing and implementation of a user friendly, detailed, comprehensive database application. The application would be required to function similarly to QuickBooks, merging aspects of inventory and purchasing, client estimates and projected sales, etc. We are looking for talent persons who can work remotely, independently, and still collaborate with us regardless of geography. If interested please reply to this post by forwarding us your resume and contact e-mail. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, looking forward to hearing from you. 

Yeah. Posted.

*Show and Prove. A simple concept whereby one who is applying for a paid position is sent a skills evaluation; in this case the evaluation was an outdated Access database e-mailed to prospective hires. Candidates were asked to make updates to said database as a means of assessment by the potential client i.e., Me. Show and Prove is an audition. Unquestionably. How am I, or anyone for that matter, suppose to know if you as a developer can do the job? Your resume and links to samples of your past work? Worthless. I need a developer to Show and Prove they're fully capable of doing the job I've got on deck.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Star Wars: Invasion Los Angeles

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thinking #Reboot the Blog

So thinking the old blog needs a content #boost. More post. There is so much happening on a day to day basis that I really have to start letting everybody in on the fun. That's the kinda guy I am. What can I say? ~ There are no such things as crossroads. Only dead ends.

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Cast and Crew to Begin Filming Mary Caulfield

So this great idea, this mashup of sorts that was spawned over drinks and booze is going to be filmed. Filming is currently underway. A great story that’s already been told, retold. We’re putting a gender spin, amongst other things, on Tony Gilroy’s Michael Clayton. Cast and Crew information. Shortly. Probably.

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